Community Choirs Festival

Welcome to a fabulous day of mass choir singing, socialising and performing

Community Choirs Festival Festival 2015
Recordings of the Workshop Songs

Workshop Songs - download and information

        Silver Apple Wassail

        I wish I knew how

        Mo’ better blues

       The bells are ringing

        Merako ya Jeriko

Details of where to get the parts and score to the workshop songs have been sent to choir leaders.          


Silver apple wassail.mp3

By Mike O’Connor arr. Sarah Morgan,

adapted for four parts by Roger Jackson.

Mike O’Connor, has CDs of his music and songs available here.

By Billy Taylor, arr. Peter Churchill

By Bill Lee, arr. Bruce Knight, adapted by Nick Petts.

By Roger Jackson

From South Africa, in Northern Sotho as taught by Northern Harmony.

I wish I knew how.mp3 Mo' better blues.mp3 The bells are ringing today.mp3 Merako ya Jeriko.mp3 The stewards set the tone for the day!! "Enjoyable, professional – you made it all seem so easy. Good range of song genres.  Excellent teachers/leaders who made it all feel relaxed and easy to learn."