Community Choirs Festival

Welcome to a fabulous day of mass choir singing, socialising and performing

Community Choirs Festival “Brilliantly organised” “a triumph and a great day” “performing on that stage has      made us feel we can do anything now!” “a fantastic experience” “Great day, lovely singing, everyone enjoying themselves    – what more could you ask?” “Fantastic Day!” “Brilliant  Day, so well organised!” “Great day, we’ll be back!!” 2012 “Ultra Super!” “It has been a fabulous day, thank you!!” “Many, many thanks for yet another great day! “The day was so well organised, thank you” Past Festivals 2011 2010 2009 2008 2013 “Wonderful, joyous, uplifting,  well organised song fest!” “Lovely, vibrant and talented leaders. A joy to watch.” “Totally tremendous in every way, brilliant leaders!  Fab organisation.” "An inspirational day,  ending with a fabulous  extravaganza of talent!"  “A festival of great joy!”

“I’ve had another fabulous day,

Thanks is not enough!”

“You can  tell everyone's heart and soul is in the event - a real joy to participate” Click here  Playing workshop song 2016 Dubula mfana kithi  Zulu folk song Click here